What is a Dull Mind?

A mind can be considered as dull if it does not effectively respond to the challenges of an individual. The concept of eradicating dullness of the mind has been discussed in every standard of life. It is really a limiting factor if a person is found to exhibit a dull attitude towards his or her responsibilities. Many careers, dreams and aspirations have been ruined due to the effects of a dull mind. The good news is that researches have concluded that the effect of a dull mind can be eradicated through some effective practices. These practices are known to have a direct impact on the working ability of the mind.

How does a person know that he or she is affected with a dull mind?

Slow in evaluation of situations:

When you find out that it takes time for you to understand simple situations, you can consider your self dull in the mind. This includes a sluggish thinking and understanding of things around you.

Dull in academics

: Most students who are dull in class and slow in understanding their lessons in class are considered to be dull minded. This is why most schools have started implementing practices which can help a student improve his or mind working ability.

Socialization problem:

The spirit of socialization comes with a lively mind. A dull minded person can not easily socialize with people. Some attitudes like shy, anxiety, depression all affect people who are dull in the mind.

How can a person overcome dullness of the mind?

A person can overcome dullness of the mind by indulging in practices which will keep the mind fresh and active. Some of these practices involve a total and direct contact and influence of the mind. Some practices that can help in this situation include;

• Meditation

• Yoga practice

• Exercising