What are the advantages of kundalini meditation?

If you heard of meditation then you should have heard about the kundalini mediation. Kundalini mediation is a traditional meditation technique practiced since many centuries. You can get a better understanding on this meditation technique by reading the source text of kundalini “Hatha Yoga Praddepika” written by Swami Svatmarama between twelfth and fifteenth centuries. If you want to gain a better understanding on this subject you should read this work.

In reality, hatha yoga is the technique that helps in the forcing of arising of kundalini. The main emphasis of this yoga is following different breathing techniques that help to increase store of prana in your body. The physical postures that have to be done while following these breathing techniques help only in maintaining the physical fitness, to support the breathing practices. But, anyway, this breathing practice has to be accompanied by a better meditation practice. You can get a better understanding on ‘how to meditate’ by reading the ‘Yoga Sutras’ written by Patanjali. However, following these techniques without the help of a meditation expert may cause unnecessary problems.

Kundalini rising

With meditative exercises the force of Kundalini will be raised and gets activated within the subtle body – the body of energy and finer substance. Kundalini-experiences can be better understood by understanding the Hindu Chakra system. The chakras are the psycho-spiritual energy centers located along the spine. According to the yoga tradition the Kundalini energy raises from root-chakra up through the spinal channel, which is called sushumna. This energy activates each chakra that it goes through. Each chakra will have special characteristics and perform special functions.

Never get hung up with spiritual powers

When you raise Kundalini, various spiritual powers or siiddhis will also arise. But many spiritual traditions consider these powers as obstacles on the path to achieve the real spiritual progress. They encourage the practitioners not to get hung up with them. Though the opening of higher chakras marks advanced spiritual unfoldment, you should not measure the spiritual growth only by the opening of higher potentials.

Your Guru helps in imitating Kundalini

Spiritual literature also explains instances when Kundalini will get initiated. Initiation of kundalini activity will normally take place by a yogic practice called shaktipat. This is a practice where physical contact to body or forehead of the practitioner by the yoga guru or initiator will make the practitioner experience Kundalini energy. This experience may keep on or grow with continuing practice. It may also fade away if yoga practice is stopped.

Beware of pitfalls

It is not wise to engage in any of kundalini yoga practices without proper guidance from a credible teacher. You should also get complete psychological preparation and education in yoga before starting kundalini practice. If it is not done, in some cases, it may be dangerous. There is a growing occurrence of meditation related problems in Western contemplative life. So it is always advisable to get complete guidance and education on this subject.