What are simple and effective meditation techniques?

People who meditate will definitely observe many positive health benefits. Regular practice of meditation gives improved energy and also keeps your mind calm and at peace. Research studies have shown that meditation helps in increasing the levels of melatonin, an important hormone that helps in strengthening the immune system. This hormone also gives you deep and restful sleep, slows down cell damage and aging, gives you more energy and may also inhibit growth of cancer cells.

Here we are giving you two simple and effective meditation techniques that are based on lot of research. To get maximum benefit from these, try to meditate for 20-30 minutes before you go to bed using the meditation technique whichever you feel more comfortable.

Mindful Meditation

  • Select a quiet and comfortable place. Sit in a chair or on floor. Keep head, neck and back straight, but not stiff. Put aside all your thoughts about the past and the future. Try to be in the present.
  • Be aware of your breathing. Focus on the sensation of the air moving in and out of the nose as you breathe. Feel your belly rising and falling, and also observe how the air is entering your nostrils and leaving your mouth. Pay attention on how each breath changes and also how one breath is different from the other.
  • Watch every thought that comes and goes – let it be a worry, anxiety or hope. When thoughts are coming up into your mind, never try to ignore or suppress them. But simply make a note of them. Remain calm. Apply the breathing as an anchor.
  • If your mind is getting carried away with various thoughts, observe where your mind is going. But never try to judge how it is happening. Simply come back to your breathing. Remember that you should not be hard if this happens.
  • When you are approaching the close, sit for one or two minutes. Be aware of where you are. Then get up gradually.

Relaxation Response

  • Find a quiet and peaceful place, and sit in a comfortable position. First relax your muscles.
  • Select a word or phrase, which has special meaning to you and gives you peace. You can try words like “Om”, which is scientifically proved to give lot of benefits.
  • As you breathe in, pronounce “Om” as you are sinking into hot bath. When you exhale, slowly pronounce the same sound, which should feel like a sigh.
  • Breathe naturally and slowly. Inhale through the nose and pause for few seconds. Exhale through mouth and again pause for few seconds.
  • Leave worrying about how you are doing. And also don’t feel bad if any thoughts or feelings are intruding into your mind. Simply keep these feelings aside and return back to your repetition.
  • When your practice comes to a close, continue being aware of your breathing. But sit quietly. After becoming aware about where you are, slowly open your eyes and get up gradually.