Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation is developed by a Maharshi Mahesh Yogi in 1957. The event called Transcendental Meditation has now taken over schools, businesses, homes and associations. What is transcendental meditation?

The theory of transcendental meditation works on a simple rule. You sit down cross legged with your back straight and arms resting on your knees. A specific chant mantra is given to you, based on factors such as your gender, age and other things. Each person is given a different mantra and is asked to chant it repeatedly for 20 minutes. This needs to be done twice daily, and if possible for some people.

How it works

The very meaning of meditation is to get the best out of your mind by paying attention to what you really are. By repeatedly chanting the word, it is said that it has an intrinsic effect in the body. Hence each person is asked to keep his mantra to himself. In a way Transcendental meditation works for each person differently, though the final main goal is called Samadhi which means attaining alertness in a rested state.

Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

Those who have been following Transcendental Meditation today say that it not just works, but works faster than every one thinks. Though this sounds as if they are selling a product, huge numbers of people have benefited from Transcendental Meditation.

Children who say who are suffering from memory loss have developed their memory by leaps and bounds. Teenagers with different backgrounds of abuse have also found that Transcendental Meditation has given them the support and confidence to go ahead in life with positive attitude.

Women suffering middle age crisis, people suffering huge work pressure, patients suffering from chronic depression and those addicted to drugs and alcohol have suddenly changed with the meditation.


Even meditation could not escape criticism. Well why should it when it teaches people at $2500 for the entire course? Of course one can pay it in installments as low as $30. But yes Transcendental meditation has faced criticism too.

One big thing that critics were after is the Indianism. Yes as soon as you join the meditation classes, they perform a puja for you. This kind of put people off in the beginning, but as they benefit from meditating for about 40 minutes per day, they find it a very small price to pay.

There is also a complaint about women not being allowed to have a say in executing the program. However, you see many women teachers doing their job with great enthusiasm. This doesn’t affect the so called critics from commenting.

Another issue is about the cost of learning Transcendental Meditation at recognized centre. For many, $2500 sound too much just to learn to meditate. But TM center offer excellent payment facilities, with as low as $30 per month.

Some claims by few following this meditation that they can fly were supposedly for grabbing media attention. But even media was surprised, when they saw few deeply meditating men hopping without effort and pains. Though this hopping was not a big issue, but some claims that such hopping men could actually divert a hurricane with their meditating powers is still considered too much.

Whatever the claims and criticisms that Transcendental Meditation received, it has worked for many and will definitely work for you.