Tips for Meditation

Meditation in literal sense means to pay attention. The purpose of meditation is to make you put loads of effort to pay attention and still make you feel that there has been no effort put in. This might sound a bit confusing in the beginning. Feel great is the essence of meditation. Of course you are your own master, but you will need some help to guide you through the first few days.

It is difficult to find one starting point on meditation. However, we can start of with the way you sit.

Positioning yourself

Before sitting down, use a carpet or a bed sheet or a mat as a cushion on the floor. Make sure that your cushion is neither fluffy nor too hard. You will need to feel comfortable while you sit on it. That’s the key.

Sit down with your legs crossed. You need not tighten them up, but instead keep your spine straight. Rest both of your arms on the knees. And close your eyes. Of course do no try to use a wall or something else to support your back. Getting used to this position is one of the major problems that anyone faces .

However it is not difficult to keep your spine straight. Just keep it straight and when you feel that you cant keep it straight any longer, just give it a break. As you practice, you will find that it will be harder for you to bend your spine.


When you are positioned and ready to meditate, what makes it more interesting in the beginning is knowing how you breath. Yes. Most people assume that as they breathe in they belly bulges out and that it goes in when exhaling. Actually this is exactly opposite.

When you breathe in, your lungs expand making the stomach go in. And when you breathe out, the belly expands while the lungs contract.

Keeping the time taken to exhale equal to time take to inhale air should give positive results easily. Also every between every inhalation and exhalation there should be an equal time dedicated to control your without exhaling and inhaling air.


Many people assume that meditation is controlling thoughts and repeating or chanting a certain name for a certain number of times. It is far from truth.

We as humans are very rarely out of thoughts. It is no surprise that our thoughts follow us even in meditation. So instead of trying to control them, it is best that you pay attention to these thoughts and observe them without putting them off or concluding. That way you are paying more attention to yourself and to how you act or react to situations. This way you can spend some truthful time with yourself too.

Noise vs calmness

It is highly improbable that you will find hundred percent quiet place (except of course you have a high quality sound proof place and you are alone). But the real calmness comes from within. Hence find a peaceful place that you can find and go ahead with your meditation. Don’t worry that it might not work.