Positive Thinking through Meditation

You can control your mental anxiety by following one of the two ways: by focusing your mind internally or externally. Internal focusing means to concentrate on self- consciousness. External focusing means to concentrate on things other than self-consciousness.

To concentrate is an inherent mental capability. No one can teach you how to meditate; instead you have the ability to remove the thoughts. Generally your mind is trained to focus externally. Meditation teaches your mind to focus internally, which develops a positive attitude in you.

All the happiness which is experienced by you is momentary. If you want to attain a state of long lasting happiness and absolute inner peace then firstly you have to calm your mind. This state is easily achievable with the help of meditation.

How Does Meditation Works on Your Body?

The closest similar condition to meditation that you can experience is deep sleep. However meditation is different from deep sleep as meditation works profoundly to change your consciousness. The meditative state exceeds all the restriction of your mind.

Meditation tries to decrease and stabilizes the agitations of your mind and generates mental peace. Meditation delays the anabolic process of body aging and growth. However meditation significantly reduces the catabolic decline. This is because of the inborn receptiveness of the body cells.

Every cell of your body is governed by your intuitive subconscious mind. When your thoughts and needs come together then your body cells are activated. Scientifically it is being proved that positive thinking brings out positive results from your body cells. Meditation generates a positive phase of mind, which helps in rejuvenation of the cells and in retardation of the decay.

Important Points of Meditation

As you cannot learn to sleep in the same way you cannot learn to meditate instead you fall in that state. But there are few important points you need to remember about the meditation techniques and its stage.

  • Regularity of practice, time and place are very important points. Regularity sets your mind to reduce the pace of activities.
  • Dawn and dusk are the best time of the day to do meditation. If it is not possible then select the time when least activities are involved.
  • It’s better to have a separate mediation room because when you will repeat meditation an atmosphere of purity and peace would be developed.
  • While sitting remember to sit facing either north or east side. This sitting position will give you an additional advantage of positive magnetic vibrations.
  • Before you start with your meditation it is better to relax your mind first. Just don’t think about your future, present or past.
  • Try to regulate your breathing movement. Keep them slow and in the beginning concentrate on the air flow.
  • Try to keep your breathing movements rhythmic as it a source of vital energy. Rhythmic means inhaling of the air is for 5 seconds then the exhaling should also be for 5 seconds.
  • Don’t try hard to halt your mind and its thought process as this may hinder the meditation process.
  • Try to concentrate on an uplifting or a neutral object. You can even use a Mantra, repeat the Mantra mentally. But remember that don’t change the Mantra.
  • Vocal repetition combined with the thought process will lead you to relax your mind completely and develops positive thoughts.
  • Gradually with practice you will be able to achieve the state of super consciousness or Samadhi. To achieve this state you need to be patient as it may take long time.
  • The state of super consciousness is the phase where the known and knowledge becomes one.

Daily only half an hour of meditation will make your life more peaceful and happy. It will give the strength to face all the day-to-day difficulties with peace. Meditation acts as a nerve and mental tonic. During meditation you will feel the free flow of divine energy which influences your nerves, mind, sense organs and the whole body. Meditation calms your mind and helps in opening the knowledge doors and the empire of endless ecstasy.