How to start your meditation practice?

Meditation is perhaps the only one that can give you mental peace and self-realization. But the only condition is not to get impatient for results. Those who refine their mind through meditation realize the happiness within their hearts. But one may have the question: what is the correct meditation technique to be followed? Here we present a technique whose efficacy is unquestionable.

Start like this

Find a clean and comfortable place to start your meditation practice. Sit in a comfortable position. You can sit cross-legged, in chair or in any way that makes you feel relaxed. Then close your eyes.

When you close your eyes keep watching the space behind your eyelids. Then keep your attention on the consciousness that lies behind that space. As you sit, watch the thoughts that come to your mind. To focus your attention, keep repeating a mantra. ‘Om’ is the best one and it is scientifically proved to give better results.

People often feel that they cannot meditate as they find it difficult to control the flow of thoughts. Meditation in not meant for cessation of the thoughts. It is not concerned with the thoughts. You have to simply watch your thoughts and keep your attention on the inner consciousness. If your attention is slipping from the mantra, simply return to it. Meditate for as long as you can. Then gently open your eyes. Then rub your hands together to warm up your palms and gently rub on your face. This helps you to come back to your normal mood. Do this for three times. Now you can resume your daily life with energy, delight and focus. Doing meditation for at least ten minutes in the morning and in the evening is better.

Why not open-eyed meditation?

Some people may also do open-eyed meditation. But this is not an effective option. When you close your eyes your attention goes to a space you perceive at that time. Instead of wasting your energy through the sense of sight you can direct it inward when you meditate. When your eyes are open, that energy will get directed outwards and you cannot focus your attention on the internal consciousness.

Are you not getting what you expected?

This may be because you have not meditated properly. You may also have had some expectations about the benefits that follow. Perhaps you may have believed that meditation makes you healthier. And instead, you may have found that despite some healing you are still visiting doctors.

Then you should start your practice anew with a definite idea that you will not be the same kind of person after meditation. After one or two years, you will realize that profound changes took place in your being due to meditation. In fact, you would be able to see the progress and wish to meditate more. Meditation is a continuous process.

You cannot notice your progress on a daily basis. Meditation won’t yield its fruits immediately. You cannot expect better results by meditating for only three or four times. You can get the desired results once the process is complete.