How to practice charka meditation?

Within our bodies, there seven focal points of energy. We use them, consciously or unconsciously, to affect the reality and also experience and realize the events that happen before us. These energy points are called Chakras. The seven charkas are: root charka, naval charka, solar plexus charka, heart charka, throat charka, brow charka and crown charka.

Chakras are located in all important parts of your body like your head or heart. These chakras control the organs within their areas. The functions and activities of the organs are directly affected by the properties of the respective Chakra that controls them. For example, if there is imbalance in the root chakra it will lead to weight problem, hemorrhoids, knee troubles, degenerative arthritis and sciatica.

The seven Chakras have unique attributes and characteristics. Meditation on these charkas helps you to discover whether you are in balance and also to obtain balance. Chakra meditation is called as Chakra Anusandhana in yogic terms which means “discovery or search of chakras”. Here we give a simple way for beginners to practice this meditation technique. This practice helps in awakening the charkas gently and also in a balanced and integrated way. However it is always advised to practice this with the help of a guru to avoid any pitfalls.

How to practice?

  • You can do it by sitting or lying.

  • Close your eyes; adjust your body and clothing.
  • Let your breath relax, slow and deepen; but don’t try to control it.
  • After few minutes of settling in, start doing Ujjayi pranayam and carry on it for some time.
  • Now keep your awareness on your spinal passage, such that the awareness of your breath is from bottom to top. Spend few minutes to establish this inner breath pattern up and down – ascend with inhalation and descend with exhalation.
  • Begin to locate chakras in that spinal channel. You need not point out the exact location. You can just focus on general area. Try to feel location of each focal point of energy and repeat its name mentally as you are passing by it.
  • Before finishing up the meditation let go of your breath sound and then names. And chant the mantra’ ‘Om’ for three times.
  • Now all your chakras are clean, charged and balanced. This meditation makes your chakras spinning, whirling and energetic. You will be completely refreshed, calm and peaceful.

What are the precautions to be followed?

Awakening of Chakras though charka meditation can have many side effects. So never meditate without guidance from a qualified and experienced teacher. If you do so, it may lead to mental imbalances and cause various personality problems.