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Understanding Different Forms of Meditation

It is very important for one who practices meditation to know and understand different forms of meditation. This knowledge will help him or her choose […]

What Is Meditation-In-Action?

Meditation in action is a form of meditation in which you remain active. It can bring an incredible relaxing experience that also helps you to […]

How To Use Relaxation Response In The Form Of Meditation?

The relaxation response is the counterpart of the flight or fight response that changes the emotional and physical responses to stress. This can be used […]

Guided Meditation: How To Practice Guided Meditation Effectively?

Guided meditation is one of the easiest relaxation method that is suitable for most people. This meditation does not reflect to any particular spiritual tradition […]

Mindfulness Meditation: Basic Methods Of Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is considered as the simplest and purest form of meditation. This meditation is also called as insight meditation, because it aims to achieve […]

What Is Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation is a process of meditation combining both normal meditation and visualization. It is also like hypnosis that describes your level of consciousness that […]

How To Practice Imagery Meditation?

Imagery meditation is a process that gives you the freedom of imagination. Various kinds of meditation can be practiced by following this imagery meditation. It […]

What Are The Most Popular Meditation Positions?

There may be many different meditation positions you can try but there may be certain position that makes you feel more comfortable and works better […]

What Are The Most Popular Ways to Meditate?

There are various ways to meditate, you can choose any types of meditation or ways to meditate depending on the reasons why you are meditating […]

Short Meditation For Stress Relief

Peace of mind and reducing of stress can be attained successfully through meditation. But with so much of work and duty to be done each […]