Benefits of Spiritual Meditation

Do you know that spiritual meditation is more relaxing than listening to music? Most of us think that listening to music is the best way to relax. But it has been proved that spiritual meditation can be more relaxing than listening to music.

In Spiritual meditation you focus all your attention on Almighty. While meditating you tend to develop a mutual connection with the Almighty. You feel like you are interacting with Him. Discussing all your worries, tensions and queries with Him, you realize that He is listening to you silently. And in that serene atmosphere you feel that the Almighty is answering to all your questions.

Spiritual meditation is the most rewarding act that a human mind can be a part of. As you will practice more of spiritual meditation you will find that your bonding with the Almighty has grown stronger. According to Asian tradition meditation has different disciplines.

How to proceed for spiritual meditation?

Have you never tried meditation before and are willing to go into the meditative phase? You can do meditation very easily. The most important is to create a suitable atmosphere for meditation. You can try lighting candles or joss stick, using aromatic oils, playing soothing instrumental music or something which resembles a ritual.

Remember that your position plays an important role while meditating. If you are sitting in a chair then sit back comfortably keeping your ankles uncrossed. Close your eyes and try to imagine the visuals of calm water. Now, just allow the calmness of the water to relax your body cells.

Now just try to observe your breathing movements, remember not to control them in any case. Now feel the air entering your body when you inhale and leaving your body at the time of exhale. Observe these breathing movements at least for 5 minutes. And bring back all your focus again to your breathe whenever your focus drifts away.

After 5 minutes of the above practice, now try to think of the word HARMONY”. Ask yourself, does harmony has any shape and if yes then what would it be like? Remember not to pressurize your mind as the concept of meditation is to de-stress your mind. Now silently ask, what color would Harmony be? Let your mind spontaneously react to this question.

Now the next step would be to ask yourself about the sound for Harmony. If according to you harmony had a sound what would it be like? Now imagine that sound entering your mind gently. Stay with that imagination of harmony with a color and sound for few minutes. Then silently ask yourself, what are the spiritual characters of harmony? And let your mind do the rest of the work.

Calmly, re-focus you’re attention on your breathing movements again without any attempt to control them. One minute later gradually open your eyes.

Note down all the spiritual attributes of harmony felt by you during the session. And for the next 24 hours, try to live with those attributes.

Benefits of Spiritual Meditation:

Below is the list of few benefits you would enjoy while doing spiritual meditation.

  • Strengthening of spontaneous capability
  • Experiencing an inner sense of Knowingness
  • Feel the sense of Oneness
  • Feel the sense of Unconditional Love
  • Get a better understanding of The Almighty
  • improved Psychic abilities
  • Deeper understanding and fulfillment of Purpose
  • A sense of Completion