Meditation Tools

Meditation tools help you to practice meditation in a better way. They help you focus and increase the benefits of meditation. There are many types of meditation tools available these days. Some of them are ancient inventions and some are modern innovations.

Beads mala – A mala consists of 108 threaded beads. It is an excellent way to focus your mind on the mantra you are chanting.

The mala is held in the hand between the thumb and the index or middle finger. Each time a breath is taken or a mantra is chanted, a bead is rotated in the direction of the practitioner. This helps the practitioner concentrate and also keep count.

Mala beads can be made of sandalwood, rose wood, basil wood, rudraksh seeds, crystals, semiprecious stones etc.

Eye Pillows – Eye pillows are designed to relieve your eyes from stress. This gives you an affect of overall relaxation, which is a great state for meditation.

You need to simply lie in a reclined position and place the pillows on the closed eyes. You will feel more relaxed as time passes.

Eye pillows are made of soft material, with flax seed inside. Flax seed provides the right pressure for your eyes. Flax seed also helps the pillow shape itself to fit the eye, giving it a snug feel. The pillow also has a lavender aroma, which is a known relaxant.

Incense – Incense relaxes your mind by their aroma. There are different types of aroma incenses. In order to know which one is best for you, you can take a sample pack. A sample pack contains incense of all aromas. Burn each one individually, and you will know which one suits you.

Beware of incense that contains toxic substances. Go for incense made from natural substances.

Candles and Trataka stand – Candles are used as staring objects in meditation. Staring at the flame of a candle is a powerful way to increase concentration. In addition, some candles release aroma to soothe you.

Trataka stands are specially designed to hold candles in the optimum way make meditation easy.