Mind defense – Its Concept and Uses

The mind of a person is considered to have dominion over the activities of his or her entire body. The actions exhibited by the body are seen as a product of the thoughts. Mind defense is a concept used to organize the activities of the body by controlling the thoughts of the mind. This concept is totally based on a psychological propagation which can only be effective by a meaningful examination of the mindset of an individual.

The mind of an individual is wandering from one feeling to another, from one thought to another. These changes psychologically affect the actions of an individual. For example; the aggressive action comes from an aggressive mind. If one can develop an attitude of controlling the thoughts and feelings of the mind, then it will be possible to handle actions and attitudes of an individual. This is where self defense comes into play.

Basic ways to approach mind defense


The first step necessary for an individual to develop a proper mind defense is acquiring knowledge about his or her mind. People have different approaches to different situations. A good knowledge on how you react to different circumstances will determine how you will build or develop a mind defensive mechanism.

Openness of mind:

The best way to obtain a defense for your mind is opening up and accepting situations that come your way. Fighting back situations is not a mechanism of developing mind defense. This might seem difficult but it is truly the best way to handle mind -related situation. If you fight back on situations, it continues disturbing your mind.

Quietness and calmness of heart:

When your mind is quiet and calm, it is possible will be possible to control what is contemplated and evaluated. An unstable mind will be deviating to different thought which might result to a negative action from an individual.

The concept of mind defense should be deeply considered by every individual for a better approach towards life. Always remember, that your mind will control its self if you do not control it.

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