Effects of Mood Swing and Possible Remedies

Change in mood is a normal attribute of an individual, sometimes one is happy and some other time sad, depending on the conditions affecting him or her at a particular moment. Mood swing is a negative aspect of change in mood where an individual automatically changes his or her mood rapidly from time to time without cause. People who suffer from this effect is said to be psychologically abnormal.

There are stories of people whose life have been frustrated due to the effects of mood swing. Handling the effects of this situation demands a psychological approach. Mood is an emotional attribute, which is responsible for the way people react to situations. Any activity that can lead to the stability of an individual’s emotions will help in controlling swing change.

Some effects of mood swing

Unpredicted attitude:

There is always an unpredicted reaction to different situation by people who are affected by this effect. This situation makes people affected live an unstable life.

Break in relationships:

Many relationships have been broken due to people being affected by rapid change in their mood. Married individuals find it difficult coping with an individual who has an unpredictable mood change. This has caused the breaking of most marriages.

Depression and confusion:

Rapid change of mood causes depression and confusion to the mind of an individual. When situation like this occurs, the mind is put in an unstable position, which can result in uncertainty of the feeling of the mind.

The practice of meditation and how it helps in the mood control

The practice of meditation is an emotional practice which has more effects on the emotions of an individual. a constant practice of meditation have an ability of opening a person to different types of emotional attribute. This exposure will enable an individual stabilize his or her feeling and emotions.

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