Concept of Meditation while Walking

One amazing attribute of meditation is the fact that it can be practiced in different environment and in different conditions. Meditation while walking might sound strange to many, but it is one of the best methods of meditating. Meditation while walking as an act that is based on two attributes – meditation and exercising. These two acts work simultaneously to achieve a specific goal.
There are challenges encountered in an attempt to achieve this goal. These challenges are based on the following facts;

Challenges of meditation while walking

• Since walking is a motional exercise, which requires one to move from one place to another. There might be a tendency that an individual will encounter distraction which is a limitation to meditation practice.

• Achieving this act requires a higher level of focusing. Meditation on its own has a very high demand for focus. Combining mediation with an activity like walking demands a higher level of focusing and concentration. This can be a little demanding in most cases.

• It is very difficult to optimize this activity. Although it is a very efficient practice, walking and meditating does not have a concrete technique behind its practice. This makes it very difficult for one to optimize this practice, especially beginners who do not have a good knowledge of meditation.

Advantages of walking meditation

The act of meditation and walking affects the body and the mind:

A single act of walking and meditation can enhance the ability of a person to focus and also live a healthy life. It might be very difficult to optimize, but once achieved, there is a greater possibility of an individual to gain enhancement within his body and his mind.

Walking and meditating has a way of synchronizing the mind and the body: For the mind and the body to walk in accordance to each other. There has to be synchronization between them. Walking meditation is a simple way to attain such level of synchronization.

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