Prayer and Meditation – How It Works

Prayer is said to be a means of communication to a supreme being. While praying, an individual tires to establish a connection between him and another being which is often super natural. In doing this one has to build up an attitude that will activate his spirit to achieve this aim. Prayer and meditation are two practice that work in the same direction with each other.

Meditation on its part, establishes a connection with the spirit or the mind. The practice of prayer and meditation has to be critically considered for a better spiritual connection of mind and soul. To achieve the full power in prayer and meditation, it is necessary that one looks more into the concept of prayer.

The concept of prayer

Prayer has different definition to many people; it also has different practices among different people. One common thing about prayer is, no matter how one sees it; prayer will always be a communication means to a supreme being.

Before one feels the effects of prayer, he or she should have spiritually obtained a spiritual channel at which communication can flow between him or her and the who the prayer is meant for. To achieve this he or she has to focus and get attached to his emotions.

Ways to approach prayer and meditation

Be in your comfortable position:

A comfortable position will limit distractions and optimize the speed at which one gains connection to his or her spirit. It is advised that an individual who desires to feel the effects of meditation through prayer should attain his or comfortable position.

Concentrate within your heart:

There has to be great concentration from within you for you to gain a good connection for meditation through prayer. If one does not concentrate there might be an in-depth meditation practice.

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