The Concept of Music Meditation

Music meditation is one of the oldest methods of meditation. The concept behind this practice is base on exposing the effects and power music has in the spiritual feeling and emotional bonding of an individual. When one is meditating with music, the connectivity effect of the mind is enhanced and this generates a better effect to it.

Music brings emotional reaction in the mind of an individual. These emotions come into play when ever one is practicing music meditation. It has being a long time tradition for people to relax with the effect of music. Meditation, which has a relaxation effect on an individual, becomes more effective when attributed to music. For one to fully realize and feel the effect of music while meditating, he or she has to consider some factors that will sever a propeller to the musical effects.

How to enhance the effect of music meditation

Open your heart to the music:

Music has a way of flowing through the mind of an individual. A person who is listening to music can either open up to feel its effects or shut down its effects. This can only make sense to you if you understand that music has emotional effects on an individual. Opening your heart to music will give way for a more flexible meditating effect.

Do not think about the meaning of the music just listen to the sound:

While meditating with music, the meaning of the music is not necessary. The most important thing is the flow of the song. If one has a connection with the sound of the music, then he or she can flow with the rhythm of the music.

Do not let you emotions swing out of concentration:

It is one thing to flow with emotions and it is another thing to let it control you. The more your emotions control you during meditation, the more you loose focus. It is advised that an individual get control his or her emotions while meditating with music in order to keep the mind in a definite focused mood.

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