How to use Music for Meditation

It is now a known fact that music is a powerful tool for meditation. The basic concept of music for meditation is being misinterpreted by many. In practicing this concept, there are factors that one has to seriously consider. Mediation can be achieved in different states or levels. This means that, though many people practice meditation, the level of optimization of this practice differ with different people.

While listening to a particular music, there are different reactions from different people. Although it is a single song, it gives different feelings to different people. The explanation of this concept throws more light to the reason behind the different malpractices among individual who use music for meditation. Listed below are the factors to consider in the practice of meditating with music;

Factors that will enhance the practice of music for meditation

Personal choice of music:

There is a difference in the choice of music between people of different personality. Some love pop, others love country while some love classical. An individual’s choice and love for a particular type of song or music, will determine the effects he or she will have while meditating with music.

The suitable music for meditation for an individual should be a music that has a higher connectivity power with his or her personality. The more one flows with a particular music, the more suitable the song is for his or her meditation.

The beating or rhythm of music:

The beating or rhythm of music goes a long way to influence the effects of the practice of meditating with music. The best music for meditation should have a regular rhythm, if there is no consistency in the rhythm of the music, it will be difficult for the mind to focus on a particular identity. To gain a better meditating power, it is advised that one chooses a music that has a definite rhythm.

The switching of music:

The aspect of music switch is important while meditating. There will be distractions if the switching ability of your music is not swift and calm. To gain an optimized meditation practice with music, it is necessary to use a music that has a non disturbing switch.

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