Practicing Heart Meditation – Way to Achieve it

It is well known fact that meditation is not a physical activity. Heart meditation is one of the roots of meditation. For one to have a deep meditating connection, it has to be centered in the heart. The heart serves as a foundation to any true meditating attitude. It is always advised that one roots his or her intentions of meditation in his or her heart for an optimized meditation practice.

Considering the real meaning and significance of meditation, one should understand that the heart holds a significant role in the practice of meditation. If one has a desire to obtain or achieve a deeper connection through meditation, he or she is advised to practice heart meditation.

Ways to achieve a total heart meditation

Focus on your breath while meditating:

Focusing on your breath while meditating will give one a deeper concentration to the practice of meditation. The aspect of focusing on your breath can be achieved by being absence minded to the distraction around you and listen more to your heart beat.

Use you visualizing power:

The ability of one using his or her visualizing power will enable you attain a great level of concentration within you. It is advised that one visualize a single image or object. This attitude will bring your mind together to and channeled to a particular direction. It is very important to know that allowing different images come in to your mind will serve as a distraction.

Avoid any form of distraction:

Distractions from phones, radio, television or friends should be avoided. in a desire to achieve a perfect meditation of the heart, one should try to avoid unnecessary distractions from phones or other appliances. It is even better if every thing is switched of while meditating,. This is to achieve a total salience within and outside the mind.

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