The Significance of Lenten Meditation for Christians

The Lenten period is very important in the Christian world. This is because it holds lots of significance to the existence of Christianity today. Lenten meditation is a well known practice among the Christians. Within the period of lent, every Christian is expected to have a recreation and also mediate in the mystery of his or her existence.

Lenten meditation was initiated by Jesus Christ himself before he was arrested for crucifixion. Most Christians today follow this mark as a sign of preparation and sanctification to their Christian faith. The fact that almost every Christian practices this does not mean that they all know the significance. Here are some of the factors why Lenten meditation to Christians is significant.

Basic significance of Lenten meditation to Christians

• For the purpose of revival:

Christians observe meditation during Lenten seasons to have a total revival within them. This practice helps every true Christian to search his or her self and find the evil attitudes in him or her and seek for a change.

• For spiritual growth:

The Lenten period is a period of total spirituality for every Christian. This is because it signifies the redemption of man by Jesus Christ. Christians use meditation to obtain a grater spiritual growth within the Lenten period.

• For the purpose of reflection:

In order to have a total understanding of their Christian life, Christians are expected to reflect on the existence of their life and their spiritual life during the period of lent through meditation.

• For a deeper connection with God:

For a deeper and total connection with God, Christians are advised, especially during the Lenten season, to mediate. This is because meditation brings one closer to God and makes one see the true nature of his or her existence.

Though this practice is common among the Christian community, it is also expected that Christians understands the real purpose of meditation for a better Christian life and devotion.

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