What Is Meditation-In-Action?

Meditation in action is a form of meditation in which you remain active. It can bring an incredible relaxing experience that also helps you to experience your daily activity in a more spontaneous and natural way. It can be most productive if you can take minimum one hour daily.

How to practice this meditation?

  • Set aside proper time to practice this meditation as per your convenient
  • The basic of this meditation is to devote couple of hours doing what you love to do
  • You don’t have to practice this meditation by planning something special or commits to certain action or project that takes planning
  • It is always better to choose things that are flexible so that you have the freedom to change your focus and start new things at any time
  • Just do what ever you want to do and follow your impulse

During practicing this meditation, remove the ideas of what needs to be done and what you should do. Just follow your impulse and do what comes naturally to you without judging yourself what you are doing. Then slowly you’ll find yourself enjoying doing things that you didn’t enjoy normally. This is simply because there is no pressure about time and no longer sense of doing things in certain time. What is so relaxing about this meditation is the sense of liberty and letting yourself do what ever you want to do.

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