How To Use Relaxation Response In The Form Of Meditation?

The relaxation response is the counterpart of the flight or fight response that changes the emotional and physical responses to stress. This can be used in the form of meditation and bring relaxation and calmness into your life. The basic method can be found in many religious tradition. The technique is very simple but it is not so easy as the technique to incorporate and practice into your life.

Basic Method of The Relaxation Response:

  • Sit quietly in your most comfortable position with your eyes closed.
  • Keep all your muscles relaxed, begin from your feet and slowly progress up to your face.
  • Now, concentrate on your breathing, breath naturally and easily. Then as you exhale, repeat a prayer or phrase or word silently to yourself
  • If you find your mind wandering, just examine and see what is it and slowly bring back your attention to your breathing.
  • Practice this for minimum 10-20 minutes per day. But avoid using an alarm
  • When you finish, don’t open your eyes and stand up immediately. Wait for few minutes and slowly open your eyes and stand up.

Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t achieve deep relaxation during your initial practice. With little efforts and patience you can achieve the level of deep relaxation. Try to practice the relaxation response technique twice or atleast once daily. It’s better not to practice the relaxation response technique after any meal till you wait two hours, because the digestive processes may interfere the relaxation response and cannot bring deep relaxation.

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