Guided Meditation: How To Practice Guided Meditation Effectively?

Guided meditation is one of the easiest relaxation method that is suitable for most people. This meditation does not reflect to any particular spiritual tradition or religion. The basic method involves achieving a trance state. At the beginning, it may be little difficult to practice but by practicing you can attain to control your emotions and thoughts. When you master this method you can even learn to control your body physiological functions.

Methods Of Guided Meditation:

  • Choose the position which is most relaxing and comfortable for you
  • Then take deep slow breathing and relax yourself
  • Focus on your stresses by closing your eyes. This is another good way to relax. Then try to take out all your stresses from your body
  • Once you feel relaxed, close your eyes and start visualizing your soul forgetting your body, feel that your soul is floating above your head
  • After that, try to visualize traveling to some cool and relaxing place or relaxing environment
  • Continue envisioning yourself in some beautiful imaginary environment as long as possible.
  • After you complete your imaginary journey, try to visualize your soul returning back to its final inside of you.
  • Once the soul reaches its goal, you’ll feel relieved and refreshed physically and mentally
  • When practicing this meditation, you can also play some ambient music

This meditation is all about experiencing trance state out of body. The relaxing place and environment may differ from person to person. Some may be envisioning themselves in a beautiful flower garden or tropical island while others may be in the woods among trees and flowers. However, the ultimate aim is to help you relax and relieve your stress and anxiety.

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