Mindfulness Meditation: Basic Methods Of Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is considered as the simplest and purest form of meditation. This meditation is also called as insight meditation, because it aims to achieve the true nature of the inside reality. Here, the practitioner has to focus fully on a single object, any aspect of experience is appreciated and welcome.

Mindfulness meditation is not difficult to begin. You don’t have to make things uncomfortable and complicated by repeating mantras or by sitting in an unusual position, all you need to do is to be yourself and follow these simple methods as given below:

Mindfulness Meditation Position:

  • Find the most comfortable position for yourself
  • Recommended position for this meditation is to sit in lotus-position, with a straight back on the floor, but not necessary to follow only this.
  • To practice this meditation, it’s best to wear some loose clothes
  • No hard or fast rule that you should close your eyes during mindfulness meditation. However, you may be distracted more easily if you open your eyes

Mindfulness meditation breathing

  • Follow your normal breathing rhythm and relax yourself.
  • If you want to know other breathing method, you can go for deep breathing from the abdomen.
  • In this breathing method, you have to slightly rise your chest and expand your abdomen outwards as you inhale and relax inwards as you exhale.

Mindfulness meditation focus:

  • Slowly bring your attention to your breath
  • Decide where or what you have to focus. It can be anything, may be your navel or the edge of your nose and throughout the session stick with it.
  • Focusing on the edge of your nose is a good way for this meditation.
  • Feel the air going through your nostril when you exhale and inhale
  • Just examine the sensations and feel what they are as much as you can.

Being mindful:

  • If any thoughts come through your mind, don’t judge them. Just examine what they are and slowly try to return your attention to the breath.

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