What Is Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation is a process of meditation combining both normal meditation and visualization. It is also like hypnosis that describes your level of consciousness that exist in between the state during your sleep and when you are awake.
In Guided Meditation the practitioners also use a mantra or piece of music to carry them to the deeper spiritual journey . This helps their body to become more receptive to repair and heal physically and mentally.

Benefits of Guided Meditation:

  • It helps you to feel more secure, protected and gives you a sense of wholeness
  • It allows you to free yourself from any mental anguish and chronic pain
  • Helps you to understand yourself better and understand others as well, understand your desires and motives and helps you to solve any problem more easily
  • Helps you to become more creative

People use this meditation for various purposes, but ultimately the common aim is to achieve complete blissfulness in their life then automatically all other problems will be solved.

How to practice Guided Meditation?

Some practice this meditation by using an ancestral communication or spirit guides. Others just follow the normal meditation practice to bring complete sense of contentment.

  • Firstly, sit comfortably as normal meditation practice
  • Take some deep breathing and focus on your breath to bring calmness to your mind
  • Once you feel little more relaxed, start visualizing any object or image whatever you want to imagine.
  • Imagine or visualize something beyond normal. For example, you can fly across the sea or some powerful lights reflecting from you

Warning and Precautions:

People with severe mental health problems should not perform this meditation, unless qualified therapist or well experienced guru are guiding them

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