How To Practice Imagery Meditation?

Imagery meditation is a process that gives you the freedom of imagination. Various kinds of meditation can be practiced by following this imagery meditation. It can be as simple as imagining a flower, color or visualizing yourself flying or anything and trying to connect with inner power or the divine. However, it depends upon each individual what one wants to achieve.

Meditation by imagining a color:

  • You can pick any color that appeals you most
  • Now focus on it and allow to experience the color with all your senses
  • Try to feel, taste, smell and hear the color and experience as completely as possible

Visualizing your goal with meditation:

  • Here you just have to imagine something you want in your life. The idea behind this meditation is to bring attention.
  • Try to look at yourself with much better and brighter future. This will bring positive energy and positive outlook of your life

Religion and imagery meditation:

  • This is an old form of meditation by visualizing on the divine.
  • For example, Christians meditate by visualizing Jesus or the cross, Jewish people can visualize the star of David, while Native Americans can visualize their great spirit
  • Here, the main focus is to bring deeper spiritual life and deeper connection with the divine.

Try to submerge yourself fully with the image you have created or chosen in your mind and try to create something in a state of full relaxation and joy. Imagery meditation can be done in many forms as few examples shown above, but it all depends upon the personal goal and one’s imagination.

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