What Are The Most Popular Meditation Positions?

There may be many different meditation positions you can try but there may be certain position that makes you feel more comfortable and works better for you. So you can try any new meditation positions and find out which is most comfortable for you. The following are some few positions that you may likely to enjoy while meditating.

Lotus Meditation Position

: Lotus Position is the most popular and effective meditation position. It is also called the Padmasanam position. Here you have to sit cross legged. If you feel uncomfortable with this position, don’t force yourself to practice for long time. As you continue practicing on daily basis, slowly you’ll feel your body becoming more flexible.

  • To get this position, you need to keep your right foot over your left thigh and your left foot over your right thigh
  • Your soles of the feet should be upside-down
  • Your back should keep straight and open up your chest cavity

Burmese Meditation Position:

This position was named after the country Burma since it was originated from Burma. Most of the people find very comfortable with this position for contemplative thought and meditation.

  • To achieve Burmese position, you need to keep your legs folded, spread your knees and stay down.
  • Pulled back your feet in front of your pelvis where your heels pointing inward your pelvis and your toes pointing towards outside touching on the ground.
  • This position may be the ideal and easiest position to achieved for beginners.

Seiza Meditation Position:

This position originates from China and is popularly known as Kneeling position.

  • In this position, you need to bow down with your feet underneath your buttocks.

These are some few easy and most popular position, there are many more positions including standing, walking and lying down. But what most important is to choose the right position that is most comfortable and works for you.

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