What Is The Basic Technique Of Meditation Breathing For Beginners?

The main technique of meditation is to focus fully on the breath and enables you to free your mind from any thoughts, thus allow you to rejuvenate and relax both your mind and body. A good and right technique of meditation breathing will refresh your mind just as you awake feeling refreshed after you slept properly.

Meditation breathing techniques are specifically designed to allow your mind completely relax and rest without any deliberation or thought. This will enable you to handle whatever comes to your life more easily. Though there are many breathing techniques available to try, it is always best for beginners to use the basic simple breathing technique.

Basic Breathing Technique to focus in your initial meditation:

The first and foremost step is to find your most comfortable position:

  • Take some time in adjusting and considering your position until your feel it right and perfectly comfortable, whether you are sitting on the floor, chair or lying down.
  • Whatever thoughts coming to your mind, simply allow them to come and let go out slowly from your mind.
  • If you have any big problem try to reassure yourself that it will be fine soon.
  • Now shift your attention to your breathing. Simply observe your natural rhythm of your breath and feel the air passes through your nostril as you exhale and inhale
  • Don’t put any effort, just let your breath flow as its own accord.

The second step:

  • With full concentration on your breath, take slow and deep breath for three times.
  • Then as you breath slowly count yourself and hold the breath when it comes to eight one and breath out for the same.
  • This keeps your breath in balanced and an oxygen booster which further relaxed your body.

Simply continue focusing and observing your breath as long as you want
Breathing techniques are very important part in meditation process to achieved the goal of meditation. The more you practice the more you’ll received the benefits of meditation.

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