What Are The Methods For Teaching Meditation To Children?

Meditation is a powerful method for self improvement and personal growth and is mostly pursued by adults. But it is very important for children as it is the key for happy and successful life for long term. It is always good to teach meditation to your children and provide them with the habit and skills that will make them realize their capacity.

How to start Teaching Meditation to your children?

The first and best way of teaching meditation to child is to

set example by yourself.

Let your child learn from you that it’s a good thing to set time and practice meditation each day. Before you start teaching them, make sure that you practice on a regular basis.

Secondly, you need to understand that children

cannot concentrate and sit for a long time

. You might be practicing for more than 30 minutes but don’t expect the same from your child. If a child can practice for five minutes on a regular basis twice a day, it’s more than enough.

Children below the age of five may be too young and not yet ready to practice meditation, so focus more on those children above five years or five.

Methods of teaching meditation to children:

  • One great way of teaching meditation to children is with music. Start with some happy and simple song then sit silently.
  • Tell your children to visualize and imagine that he/she is very light and thus floating on the cloud which is surrounded by some brilliant sunshine.
  • Children are very good in creating an image and visualizing in their mind.
  • This is how they can begin focusing within.
  • After that, tell your child to bring back their attention to the first step of singing a song and to feel that she/he is surrounded by love and filled with love.

Teach meditation to your child in such a way that it should not be taken as a punishment but as something very joyful, fun and essential for their life. Meditation before they go to school may be a good idea for it will help the child to complete their day peacefully.

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