Meditation Room: How To Maintain Calm Meditation Room?

People who are active in meditation require one special room, area or space for meditation. A meditation room is one main factor to practice meditation successfully. It’s not just creating calm and tranquil environment but also reflect self. You need to consider location, ambiance, lighting and personal comfort in designing your meditation room.

To make a calm room for meditation you don’t need to hire feng shui master or an interior designing. You can follow these few tips and create yourself calm meditation room.

Step One:

Find some spacious room that is quiet and calm area. For more colorful, you may want to paint your room with something light and relaxing colors. Light green may be a good choice.

Step Two:

Place one meditation chair if you are comfortable doing on the chair. If you practice sitting on the floor, then you may need one comfortable cushion.

Step Three:

Place a table next to your cushion or the chair. Table should be big enough to carry different objects that you may use during meditation. It can be used as an altar as well.

Step Four:

To create calm and right lighting effect, place few candles around the room or on the table and fresh flowers on the table. You can also keep calm scenery pictures or some people like to keep their icons of deities.

Step Five:

You can use meditation music to relax and calm your mind. Choose music that can provide a tranquil mood to you.

When you are going to practice meditation, it’s best to wear some loose fitting and comfortable dress. These dress should be worn only in this room and for this purpose alone.
These are few tips to create calm room by yourself easily, apart from which there may be many more things you need to add and to create a better meditation room. But it should not be over decorated and should not be too bright or overdone.

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