Short Meditation For Stress Relief

Peace of mind and reducing of stress can be attained successfully through meditation. But with so much of work and duty to be done each day, you may hardly get more than 30 minutes in a day to practice meditation. So try to take one step to commit atleast 10 minutes each day and meditate, it will definitely bring remarkable benefits in your life.

Meditation may not be easy and simple to practice initially as your mind keeps on moving from one thought to other and your thoughts can be round-the-clock from minute to minute or hour to hour. You will come to know this, once you start practicing meditation.

Following are two simple methods of ten minutes meditation to relief stress:

First Technique:

  • Start meditating by concentrating on the flow and rhythm of your heart. As you breathe through your nose, notice each little sensation of your nostrils.
  • Feel your breathe going through your lower abdomen as you inhale and exhale.
  • As you continue concentrating on your breathing, you will slowly begin to feel more calm and relaxed

Second Technique:

  • Other easy technique and short meditation is to stare at a candle flame or a fire.
  • You just have to focus on the sparks of the flames
  • This will help you to achieved full concentration without much distraction on your mind

It’s natural to get distracted while meditating initially. Don’t get frustrated though you find your mind wandering, simply let it go off and return slowly to your breathing or whatever you are focusing. Always remember that without practicing you can never become a master. Keep practicing and continue your meditation for 10 minutes every day and you’ll soon achieve the goal of your meditation.

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