Easy Steps Of Relaxation Meditation

Relaxation meditation involves the simple movement of your eyes, it just makes use of the secret power of eyes. Here, you just have to rest your eyes by allowing them to gaze softly downwards, which will bring an automatic relaxing effect to your body and mind. If you have very busy schedule, this meditation may be your best option for it doesn’t require much time to practice and can be learned easily.

Following are the simple steps of Relaxation Meditation:

First Step:

This meditation is best after shower. So the first step is to take shower and find calm and cool place. Then sit comfortably.

Second Step:

Now start using the secret power of your eyes. Let your eyes gaze softly downward, you don’t have to focus anything in particular.

Third Step

: Allow your eyes to gaze down comfortably half close and half open. Keep your eyes half-closed.

Fourth Step:

Continue gazing downwards softly. As you continue gazing downward, feel your breath and notice your breathing getting more rhythmic

Fifth Step:

As you continue, you may feel your eyes getting more heavy and heavy then let your eyes close for a while and slowly bring back your attention.

Benefits of Relaxation Meditation:

  • Reduces stress and increases alertness
  • Bring calmness and peace in your life
  • Doesn’t require much time and quick stress buster

Another easy technique to practice relaxation meditation is to lie down on the floor and place your palms on the floor. Keep your feet few inches apart. Then concentrate on your breathing and slowly feel your body weight on the floor.

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