Simple Meditation: How To Do Simple Meditation?

There are many different kinds of meditation available today from the simple and involved to the long and short simple meditation. Whenever you examine and think seriously on some subject matter is also a form of meditation. Whenever you concentrate on any object, that is also a kind of meditation. Whenever you sit quietly and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings is also a simple form of meditation.

What is simple meditation?

In simple term meditation is a kind of focus. There are several techniques available that helps you to achieve full concentration and attention. Withdrawing your senses and mind from the outside world and moving within is the main focus of any kind of meditation. Same thing you need to go through in this simple meditation in more simpler techniques.

Steps to practice simple meditation:

First step: Find the most comfortable place in your home where you wouldn’t find much distractions. It could be anywhere you can sit comfortably, it can be on the couch, stool or bed.

Second step: There is no particular position you have to sit, sit in a way you feel most comfortable and good to you.

Third Step: Now, close your mouth and eyes and breathe deeply through your nose, breathe out of your nose.

Fourth Step: Continue deep breathing till you notice or feel some calming effect.

Fifth Step: Then, concentrate your inner energy or mental power and strength within yourself.

Sixth Step: Notice and observe whatever thoughts coming to your mind but don’t focus on them. Simply allow them and let go again. Then slowly bring your attention back.

Seven Step: Now imagine any scene of your life and focus on them, feel the positive emotions and energy going through your consciousness. Continue doing this as long as you can do.

There, you have completed easy and simple meditation technique which can reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

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