What Is Third Eye Meditation?

The third eye should not be mistaken with the physical eyes. Third eye is one aspect of our consciousness which is not at all connected with the physical world. It lies in between the two eyes. It is regarded as the wisdom eye or the symbol of enlightenment. It is supposed to be connected with your intuition, extra sensory perception, inner visualization and concentration.

How to practice third eye meditation?

To achieved the goal of third eye meditation, you need to work hard. It is believe that as you continue practicing, the energy will reach to the third eye and it opens. When it opens, sudden light will flash from it and cleared all things which are not clear before in your life.

First step:

The first and foremost step to practice this meditation is to bath completely as it is regarded as very spiritual meditation that should practice with fully relaxed body and mind.

Second step:

This second step will last for 30 minutes. Here, you have to dance with absolute concentration and closed eyes for thirty minutes so that you can be completely energized.

Third Step:

Thereafter, you need to sit down slowly as the music stopped. Then placed one of your hand on the forehead, while two fingers of other hand placed in between your eyes which is called the third eye.

Fourth Step:

continue placing your fingers on the third eye and your one hand on the forehead for ten minutes with full concentration on it. Take few deep breaths as you focus on the third eye and can stop.

You may not get immediate result but as you continue practicing without giving up, you will definitely get many benefits which will promote better life and peaceful life.

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