Three Simple Meditation Methods For Beginners

Meditation is one simple method that can be learned easily yet very powerful. It helps you to reduce stress, anxiety and calm both your body and mind. By practicing meditation each day you can bring a positive outlook in your life. Here are simple and easy methods to learn meditation without much time for beginners.

Watch Your Breath:

  • The first simplest methods to start practicing meditation is to focus and watch your breath.
  • This can be perfect for beginners for it is easy and natural that can be done anytime and anywhere.
  • You just have to concentrate on the rhythm of your breath when it comes out and enters to your lungs.

Take notice of your thoughts and bodily sensations:

  • Begin with five exhalations and five inhalations or vice-versa by following deep regular breaths, counting slowly.
  • Take notice of any thoughts or feelings coming to your mind or any bodily sensations, ensure that you are still focusing to the breath.
  • Don’t get agitated if your mind got distracted, slowly try to bring back your attention to the rhythm of your breath and start again.
  • Once you can maintain your attention without any distractions in your five exhalations and five inhalations, you can increase it.

Make a note when you got distracted:

  • When you got distracted, make a note of the moments and try to learn lesson from it instead of considering it as your failures.
  • As you continue practicing this and achieved full concentration on your breathing without any distraction, you can start visualizing objects or mantra depending on individual’s choice.

Focusing and counting your breath can be done within few minutes, as you continue practicing meditation, few minutes can work wonders for you. It can dramatically reduce your anxiety, stress and clear your mind with new outlook about life.

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