Meditation Therapy For Cancer Patients

Meditation therapy is use as the modality to promote and optimize an overall health. It has been proven that this treatment can be use as an effective complimentary and alternative therapy for cancer patients.

Two most common types of meditation:

One of the most popular type of meditation use as a therapy for cancer patients is Transcendental meditation. This meditation involves around the repeatation of a word, mantra or phrase aloud or silently over and over.

Another common type of meditation is the mindfullness meditation in which a person observes his/her perception, thoughts and sensations without a judgment.

What does meditation generally involve?

There are several kinds of meditation from secular to spiritual approaches but all involve this mental control. Most of the meditation involve concentration on breathing, repetition of a prayer, phrase or word to release stress and anxiety. While meditation has been originated from Eastern religious traditions to promote peace of mind, its benefit in health are independent of each spiritual aspects.

How Meditation is used as a therapy for Cancer?

Meditation is frequently used in combination with other types of complimentary and alternative therapies for cancer patients such as biofeedback therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture therapy, hypnosis therapy etc. Meditation may not cured cancer. However, it can be used as a therapy which is used in combination with standard treatments for cancer like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and drug therapy.

Researchers has been proven that meditation has a great impact on physiological changes and can aids to reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure, insomnia and chronic pain. Thus, it stands to consideration that meditation can aids cancer patients to reduce pain, anxiety, stress and fear and overall improve the quality of each life.

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