What Is Soul Meditation?

Soul meditation is a process of deep concentration to find yourself through your heart. So, the practitioner try to find out their core character and the sparks of their consciousness which gives an essential soul. This sparks of consciousness generally found in the chakras that controls Divine and free will.
Through concentration of the soul and focusing the soul with the feelings of gratitude, love and joy, the sparks of your consciousness can become stronger and brighter. This is how the sparks will fill throughout the part of your body and bring blissfulness in your life.

Why we need to do Soul meditation?

Soul meditation is becoming more popular in many religious practices and cultures. Soul meditation is a good remedy for those people suffering from the feelings of detachment. It is said that when the soul leaves your body because of poor karma and polluted by stress, it leads to detachment. The more frequent the person is suffering this detachment feelings the more granted they give to their self soul. But since soul is believed as the guiding principle in our life, awareness of our soul is very important and essential in our life.

Benefits of Soul meditation:

  • Soul meditation is used as many other meditation to invoke feelings of oneness and peace with divine spirit and the universe.
  • This meditation is a process of making yourself and your soul as together in unity, thus fills the universe with the divine force.
  • This brings peace and greater serenity in their life

How to practice Soul Meditation?

  • This meditation is a process were you need to use your instinctive vision to establish your soul and find your consciousness spark which is your essential self.
  • If you cannot able to find the sparks, then imagine and visualize the sparks of consciousness
  • Then, focus on the sparks with gratitude and love. Keep focusing it till the light of the sparks spread every part of your body.

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