What Is Psychic Meditation?

There are many techniques to learn how to develop your psychic capacity. Out of which the most common one is through meditation by developing your extra-sensory perception. However, it requires fixed devotion and regular practice.

Techniques for psychic meditation:

Psychic meditation can be also think as mini mental-vocationi. Regular meditation will definitely make a difference in your life. Breath and observe how you feel, how your body feel and where is your attention. It will help you to built success in your daily life and develop more openness both mentally and spiritually.

  • Sit upright comfortably on the chair and let your feet keep on the floor flat and close your eyes.
  • Then try to aware and feel the space surrounding your body, this is known as self aurau observe. Whether you feel different from one side to the other side or do feel imbalance or you feel like there is more energy in your front than your behind.
  • When any other thoughts comes into your mind and distracted, don’t immediately try to remove the thoughts.
  • Try to observe what is that all about and remember that energy is there in your space, what ever you are doing is nothing else other than seeing what is there.
  • It is like you are looking around the space of the room and feel what is it, what is in it and who is in it.
  • Then, take some deep breath and while taking breath remain where your mind is working.
  • Then imagine one big light ball just above your head, it stands for energy coming back to you and see what colors are reflecting from that ball.
  • Then feel the energy coming down from your head then to your complete body
  • Now open slowly your eyes and see whether you feel tings different, look around and try to feel different. Try to practice this everyday.

You may feel little awkward and odd when you first practice but slowly you will automatically notice things, more unexpected coincidence will happen to your path and bring more happiness and openness in your life.

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