Steps to Practice Standing Meditation:

This standing meditation posture allows you to draw energy and power from the earth. Thus, it brings calmness and cleanse your mind. You require a lot of stamina to practice this meditation in the beginning but later it gives strength and flexibility in the long run. It also relieves you off chronic pain.
To start practicing the standing meditation you just have to stand with your feet on the ground firmly, then close your eyes and feel the earth.

Step by step procedures how to practice:

  • First you need to find a pleasant and quiet place to practice, facing an inspiring natural beauty.
  • Stand with your feet on the ground firmly. Feet hip width apart and parallel. Let your pelvis relax by softening the back of your knees.
  • Gaze forward straight, slightly more than the normal line of sight, for better concentration. Relax your mouth and breath with your nose.
  • Keep a smile on your face.
  • Float your arms to shoulder level.Then bend them as if you are hugging big flattened balloon or a small tree.
  • Spread your fingers space between them and lift your elbow slightly by keeping you feel your armpits hollow.
  • Now take few deep inhales and stop exhalations. If you need some small adjustment in your stance, you can do at this time. It makes you more comfortable. Now imagine that you are watching something serene like a mountain.
  • Then breath as its natural rhythm and feel the stillness in your body. Concentrate on your gaze.
  • Continue this for 10 minutes or more, and you can increase over the weeks and months.

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