How To Get Zen Garden?

The picture of dry landscape surrounded with rocks and raked gravel is what we got when we hear Zen Garden. It is believed that the Zen priest associated dry landscape design in the eleventh century to bring deeper understanding in their Zen concept. But it was also told that it is myth of Japanese Zen Garden. It is also called as Dry Garden.

Zen Garden mainly consists of rocks that represent mountains or islands winding around by flowing water. One of the most popular Zen Gardens, which is at Ryoanji Temple, Kyoto, has been discovered by the scientists and researchers that random collection of rocks can create a tree image in your subconscious mind when you look from the right position. This brings a calming effect to many people and attract more and more people.

Zen gardens do not consist only of dry stones or gravel but also include mosses, plants, bridges, shrine lanterns and water features in order to be attractive through out the year.

Few tips to construct Zen Garden:

  • Collect stones or rocks which are appealing to you because it will be the backbone of the design. Also get gravels to blend the rocks and form a harmonious landscape.
  • Include bamboo, black pines, moss and other evergreen plants to bring alive and look attractive through out the season.
  • Now create the form by putting sand, if it’s big you can use railroad ties and nail to secure the woods together.
  • Fill the form with gravel or sand to the top and spread it in equal level.
  • Keep the weeds outside, you can use thick newspapers or black plastic for weed barrier inside the form.

Zen Garden has become quite popular today because of its effective impact on bringing peace and calmness. Another plus point of Zen Garden is its simplicity. Making Zen Garden can be same as achieving peacefulness in your life.

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