Simple steps to perform Heart Chakra Meditation

Heart Chakra meditation is another simple exercise to brings love and compassion in your life by releasing fear and sadness. The main focus of any kind of meditation is to bring calmness and peaceful mind, and one of the most simple and effective techniques to developed calmness and peace in your mind is through meditation from the spiritual heart called Heart Chakra Meditation.

Following are the steps to follow to perform Heart Chakra Meditation:

Step one:

  • Sit crossed legged on the floor or in a chair wherever you find comfortable.
  • Keep your spine straight and sit up tall. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your chest open.
  • Now inhale the palms together, press the thumb’s knuckles lightly into the sternum at you heart level and feel it.
  • Then breath slowly and deeply by slightly closing your eyes and focus on the breath moving in and out.
  • Once you feel the quietness and still in your mind, bring back to the pressure of your thumbs and feel the heartbeat. Focus on it for five minutes.

Step Two:

  • Remove your hands gently and rub your palms together till its warm and energized.
  • Now keep your right palm in your central chest keeping your left hand over the right hand.
  • Close your eyes and feel the warm radiating with full of energy from the chest.
  • Feel the energy flowing out to your body. Keep visualizing it for five minutes.

Step Three


  • After you feel completely warmed with the heart chakra energy, gently remove your palms and open outward Visualize and feel the energy flowing out from your palms into the world.

Step Four:

  • To finish your meditation, Inhale your arms up the sky and connect with the heaven.
  • Now exhale and lower your palms towards the floor and connect with the earth
  • Take some time before you get up or move to start your day with a fresh new energy

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