Active Meditation Techniques: How To Do Active Meditation?

Active Meditation was first proposed by Osho or Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, thus it is also called Osho Active Meditation. Osho Active Meditation begins with some kind of physical exercise or actions before the session of silence to soothed away and clear your mind from restless and heavy mind. It has been said that people who are usually very impatient can overcome their restlessness through busy activities and physical exercise.

Active Meditation has been scientifically designed by Osho in oder to helps us to express and experience the heavy feelings apart from our emotions and find the capability of looking into our life in an entirely different way. Thus it brings us a higher sense of concentration, awareness and relaxation.

Techniques of Active Meditation:

  • Any kind of activities from walking to swimming can be taken as active meditation as long as you can put a diligent effort to involve your body, mind as well as your spirit.
  • Focus on the present and begin it. Acknowledge your thoughts of the past or future and let it pass way.
  • Marvel at each aspect of what you do, whether your are eating, walking, dancing or sitting.
  • See how you feel whenever your body moves and touch the water or ground. Try to appreciate what ever your body is doing or moving.
  • Notice the minute details of your surroundings like the vibrant colors, the smell, the textures, the sound etc.
  • Now feel your rib cage, your belly expanding and contracting when you breathe.
  • Decide as to when you want to get over the meditation. It can end either with the completion of your activity or simply as you decide to get over.

The main purpose of this active meditation is to regain your energies and comes into the condition of calm and relaxed both physically and mentally. By doing this you can identify your hidden abilities to lead life with full potential of positive thoughts and relaxed life.

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