Best Position of Your Body For Zazen Medidation

The word zazen” is originated from the Japanese term Za” literally means to sit or sitting and Zen” means to concentrate or to meditate. Zazen is unique way of meditation Buddhists to bring original state of purity and clarity in your mind and also to gain the wisdom of enlightenment. Zazen is also known as the study of the self.

As quoted by the great Master Dogen to study the Buddha way is to study the self, to study te self is to forget the self, and to forget the self is to be enlightened by the ten thousand things” So to study self we need to understand the unity of the ten thousand things and the self. It is a very simple and easy to practice, you just have to follow doing in order to happen. Generally we tend to notice breath, body and mind separately, but in Zazen body, mind and breath come together as one.

Position of your body is very important in Zazen Meditation:

In Zazen meditation you need to give special attention to the position of your body. Since certain position of your body gives certain response towards your mind and towards the world. Your body position has a way of communication inwardly to oneself and outwardly to the world. It also has to do many with what happens with your breath and your mind.

Since from the year of the evolution of Buddhism, the most common postion and find most effective of Zazen meditation is the pyramid structure like the seated Buddha with closed eyes or half closed eyes and focus on your breath by breathing deeply. When practising Zazen Meditation it is recommended to sit on the floor for it is very effective and stable.You can also use small billow behind to raise a little so that your knees touch the ground. Thus by seating on the ground and touching your knees on the ground form a tripod base giving you the complete stability.

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