What is Relaxing Meditation?

Relaxing meditation

is the way to relax your body and mind with sustained concentration. Good amount of research is done in this field that shows that meditation is a useful and practical technique for managing stress and thus tool for effective relaxation.

Here is the meditation technique to relax your body by relaxing your muscles:

  • Sit down in a comfortable position. Focus on the muscles that you want to relax.
  • First tense the muscles by stressing them. Make them tightly contracted as possible.
  • Hold then in a state of this extreme tension for some time.
  • Now relax the muscle. Make a conscious endeavor in this relaxation. See that the previous relaxed state of the muscle is reached.
  • Relax it further and further. This increases the relaxation level of the muscle.
  • You can try this now with your hand. Form a fist and stress as much as possible. Once you find that you cannot further stress relax.
  • The above technique is also called as progressive muscular relaxation.

Here are the steps for meditation technique that is very helpful for mental relaxation:

  • Keep your spine straight and sit down in a comfortable position
  • Bring your hands in prayer pose. Keep your hands in the shape of cup without allowing your thumbs to touch.
  • Do not close your eyes completely. Try to keep your one-tenth of your eye open.
  • Now breath deeply. Breath through nose first. Trt to take 4 to 5 breaths through nose.
  • After the above step start breathing out through the mouth. You should aim your breath at the spot where your two thumbs are separated.
  • Observe this breathing for sometime. As the air hits your thumbs and simultaneously cools them, you can feel the relaxation of mind.
  • Feel that all your negative feelings and emotions are breathed out. Feel the mental tranqulity and peace.
  • Continue this meditation till all the stress, anger, irritation and/or tension gets disappered in the air that rushes out of you.
  • The above is the simple technique for effective mental relaxation meditation.

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