Meditation and its effects on Heart attack

The proverb about life that, It’s a very short trip. While alive, live” seems to have faded away from the minds of the people. The competitive atmosphere and the anxiety that it brings, might make irreparable damage to one’s health which one may not be conscious of.

A life full of stress might make you susceptible to dangers of heart attack and affect your brain in a bad way. Are you scared already? Don’t be. Wait and listen to the other side of the story.
There’s a brighter side to life too. Recent studies have proved that meditation can not only help but also prevent the chances of heart attack.

Practicing meditation

Are you one among those who are too restless to sit for even a few minutes and whose mind wanders away like that of a poet? Don’t worry. Practicing meditation may not require sitting for hours together. Fifteen to twenty minutes twice a day, preferably every morning and evening would suffice. What one needs to do is – sitting in a quiet room and concentrating on your own breathing till your mind achieves a state of calmness and becomes a tabula rasa” (a blank mind).

Effects of meditation

See it’s simpler than you thought! Practicing meditation paves the way to a longer life as it not only reduces blood pressure but also cholesterol. Meditation also improves the insulin level of the body besides helping to reduce an arterial disease called atherosclerosis”, a common arterial disease in which cholesterol deposits plaques form on the inner surfaces of the arteries thus obstructing the flow of blood.

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