Can Meditation be an Asthma Remedy

22 million people in United States suffer from Asthma,6 million of them being children.Sahaja Yoga, a meditation technique is found to be beneficial aganist Asthma.It can reduce the intake of medications for asthma in the long run.This article tries to gain further insight.

Is Sahaja Yoga an Asthma Remedy?

  • Scientists in Sydney,Australia,studied the effectiveness of meditation as an asthma remedy.
  • Patients suffering from asthma and inhaling moderate to high doses of steriods were considered.
  • They were divided in two groups.Group one had 30 members and group two had 29 members.
  • Group one and group two were subjected to Sahaja Yoga and another relaxation technique.
  • The experiment was for a period of 4 months with a 2 hours session per week.
  • Improvement in the asthma condition of the patients from both the groups were compared.
  • It was found that Sahaja  yoga technique was beneficial in improving the conditions of the Asthma Patients.
  • However,further research is required to gain knowledge about the underlying mechanisms of the disease and the technique.

Mataji Nirmala Devi

Sahaja Yoga:

It is a Meditation technique based on Kundalini Meditation Principles.It was introduced by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970.This meditation technique starts with Self Realization as its first step.In this way it is different from other meditation techniques where self-realization is the end.After achiving the state of self-realization,the task of the practitioner is to nourish and maintain this sate of awareness by regular practice and attention.

Asthma Patients


Asthma is a lung disease.It can happen to people from all age group.Mostly it starts in Childhood.It attacks time and again and hence it comes under Chronic diseases catagory.A patient suffering from Asthma complains of shortness of breath and feels chocked.He coughs and breathing involves a whistling sound.The attach mostly happens in the night times or early in the morning.

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