How Self Actualization and Meditation are Related ?

Self-actualization refers to the highest level of self development.This article tries to understand how meditation techniques and the concept of Self-actualization are related.

Relation between Self-actualization and Meditation:

  • Meditation is primarily an eastern approach to self-realization.
  • Self-actualization is the western counter part of it.
  • Meditation involves spiritual approaches and intuitive experiences.
  • Self-actualization is scientific and objective means of measuring self progress.

What Research Studies have to say about the two?

  • The delay in complete appreciation of meditation is due to its subjective nature of working.
  • Research Studies on meditation have found a positive relationship between it and self-actualization.
  • The concept of Self-actualization and the practice of meditation are found to complement each other with a common purpose.

Benefits of the findings made in the Research Studies:

  • The findings of the Research studies are adding an objective aspect to the practice of meditation.
  • In this way,it can be perceived as scientific method of stress management and self-realization.
  • Westerners have started to appreciate the benefits of meditation recently.
  • It is suggested to implement it as part of stress management methodology in schools.

Self Actualization

What is Self-actualization?

  • This term was framed by the Psychologist Dr.Abraham Masglow.
  • It is the final level of development psychologically when a person secures his basic and mental needs.
  • It is a practical means of self realization.
  • It involves gradual addresing of the requirements based on their severity.
  • The Self-actualized person is positive,autonomous,simple,philosphical,tolerant and a learner all his life.

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