Learn About Telepathy?

Telepathy is the means of communication without communication.It is confusing to understand the concept of telepathy with daily life notions stuffed in our brain.This article tries to understand about this intangible mode of communication – Telepathy.


What is Telepathy?

  • Our everyday experiences of communication involves words or signs.
  • But the human brain is capable of communicating in many potent and intangible ways.
  • In telepathy,the normal sensory organs play no role.
  • The mind communicates between two people at distinct places.
  • Exchange of mental energies conveys the messages here.

Mechanism of Telepathy:

  • Human brain operates at a particular frequency range at a given instant of time.
  • These frequency ranges can be controlled and harnessed effectively.
  • Telepathy is a state of mind at a particular frequency range.
  • In such a state,the mind develops telepathic abilities.
  • Every human being has telepathic abilities.
  • It remains dormant because of our ignorance and can be developed in to skill.
  • Monks and Sages in the east have been practicing telepathy from several centuries.
  • Meditation is the age-old method to practice Telepathy.
  • However,in the recent times several handy alternatives are developed complimenting our hectic life styles.
  • One such alternative is the usage of the Binaural Beats to practice Telepathy.

What are Binaural Beats?

  • The

    Binaural Beats are musical recordings

    available in the form of compact disks.

  • These beats

    interacts with the frequencies of the mind

    at a particular instant of time.

  • They lower the frequency range of the mind to



  • It is at this level the mind acquires telepathic abilities.

There are several experiences of life which we feel hesitant enough to explore.The prejudices of our mind do not allow us to do so.Telepathy is one such experience.Positive attitude to explore and experience can make our life more rewarding and rich.

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