What is Christian Meditation?

Meditation is mentioned in Bible for twenty times.It brings us close to God’s faith,miracles,reality, grace and power.This article tries to gain insight about Christian Meditation.

What is Christian Meditation?

  • Prayers and scripture study comprises meditation in Christianity.
  • The Monks in the past read the verses and scriptures of the Bible carefully.
  • They pondered on the meanings of each verses.
  • During states of contemplation,they experienced oblivion.
  • It involved spiritual bliss and deeper insight into the relevance of bible in daily life.
  • In Psalm 1:2,it is mentioned that,”his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in his law he meditates day and night”.
  • In Joshua 1:8,too, we have god commanding people to meditate day and night.
  • It is believed to instill obedience,enhance relationship and fellowship.
  • St.Ignatitus of Loyola, taught many meditation techniques which involved visualization of scenes from the life of Jesus Christ.
  • Like fasting and prayer,meditation is considered by many Christians as a spiritual discipline.

What is Lectio divina ?

It is a form of Christian Meditation and means “sacred reading”.

It has four stages. They are:


It means “reading”.Here a passage is found and read deliberately.


It means discursive meditation.Here the practitioner ponders on the meaning of the passage.


It means affective prayer.The practitioner calls for divine help in the understanding the meaning of the reading.The conversation with god takes place in the form of prayer.


It means contemplation.By this stage,the practitioner experiences bliss and gains insight about the reading.

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