Be the part of Nature with Walking Meditation

Our arrogance of being the superior beings in nature has only widen the gap between us and mother nature.We hardly realize that even we are a part of this entity called nature.Walking Meditation tries to bring us closer to nature and be a part of it.

What is Walking Meditation?

  • It is Meditation in action and involves focusing on the experience we have while walking.
  • It is different from other kinds of meditation because it focuses on objects outside us.They may include the sun,wind,sky,trees,river,humans and machines as well.
  • It provides a way to observe the changes in our body easily and require less concentration to get involved than other forms of meditation.
  • It is a perfect form of meditation for beginners.

Stages in Walking Meditation:

  • The beginners in the initial stages concentrate on their stepping.The mind follows the body here.
  • The next stage involves concentrating on stepping and putting the feet down.
  • In stage three, the practitioner concentrates on lifting,moving and putting the foot forward.
  • In the final stages,the concentration is focus on lifting,moving,putting the foot forward and pressing the ground.
  • The awareness comes when the practitioners slow down their movements and feel the unfolding of the stages of the meditation.

Benefits of Walking Meditation:

  • It is the easiest forms of meditation requiring minimal guidance and instructions.
  • It fits into our present day hectic life-style with ease.
  • It can be practiced any where and at any time of the day as par our convenience.
  • Once we get united with the act of walking, we include the objects surrounding us in our meditation and try to unite with them too.
  • In this way,walking meditation aims at being one with the nature.

The requirements for this type of meditation are will and time to walk.However,the essence lies in


the act of walking.

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