Meditation Made Easy by Osho Meditation Techniques

Most of the

Meditation Techniques

are the tools for becoming one with the nature.The Famous Spiritual Guru Osho designed meditative techniques called

Active Meditation techniques

which are different from the conventional techniques of meditation.This article discusses a couple of these Osho Meditation Techniques.


The Philosophy:

  • Be alert and aware continuously.Remain a witness to the changes in the body and mind without getting involved in them.
  • It is recommended to do this meditation in the morning with empty stomach and wearing loose comfortable clothes.
  • It has five stages and lasts for an hour.

Stage One:

This stage lasts for 10 minutes.We breathe chaotically through the nose and concentrate on exhalation.The breathind is to be made faster and deeper and the focus should be on getting united with the act of breathing.

Stage Two:

It lasts from 10 minutes.The internal choas in to turned out in to an external chaos.We can do anything that let us feel free and spell bound within these 10 minutes. We should be lunatic and the focus should be not to allow the mind to interfere with its reasoning.

Stage Three:

It lasts for 10 minutes.After Mental exhaustion,it is time for physical exhaustion.Jump up and down with your arms raised shouting “hoo! hoo! hoo! Repeat this process till you drain all your physical energy completely.

Stage Four:

It lasts for 15 minutes.After subjecting the body and mind to complete exhaustion, it is time to experience the very essence of this meditation.BE THE WITNESS to the happenings to your body and mind by being freezed physically and mentally.

Stage Five:

It takes 15 minutes.It is like coming back the senses by celebrating the fresh feeling through music or dance. The experience stays with us for the whole day.It is one of the basic Osho Meditation Technique.


The Philosophy:

  • Experience the high one has being on the tip of the Mt.Everest.
  • It is recommended to do this meditation in the night.
  • It has four stages and each stage lasts for 15 minutes.

Stage One:

Sit and close your eyes. Inhale deeply through the nose.Hold the breathe as long as possible.Now exhale through the mouth keeping the lung empty as long as possible.

Stage Two:

Resume normal breathing, but keep the body still.Gaze gently at a candle flame..

Stage Three:

Close your eyes and stand up.Let the body be free now from its still state and allow it to move gently in the direction it prefers.

Stage Four:

Lie down.Close your eyes.Be still and silent.Relax.

By practicing these two styles of Osho  Meditation Techniques in the morning and at night, we can train our body and mind to be free from physical and mental stress.

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